SRPS Officers and Chairs

Officers (2017):
President: Trisha Brown (Board Member)
Vice President: Nancy Goodenough (Board Member)
Secretary: Anne Abrams (Board Member)
Treasurer: Cheryl Akers (Board Member

Competition Chair: Kevin Schirado (Board Member)
Digital Projection Chair: Steve Lowry
Review Committee: Nancy Goodenough, Nick Allen, Kevin Schirado,Loujean LaMalfa-Prince, Tamara Krautkramer
Judges: Jack Florence, Past President (Board Member)
Keeper of the Scores: Steve Muench

Member Services:
Programs: Harvey Mendelson
Advancement: Nancy Goodenough, Marilyn Caven, Terry Connelly, Kevin Schirado
New Members and Guests: Liz Lawson (Board Member)
Field Trips: Terry Connelly (board member)
Exhibition Coordinator: Timothy Allen (Board Member)

E-group Manager:Phil Hann
Website Administrator:Jack Florence

LBAGC & N4C Representative: Gary Goodenough, Cheryl Akers
House Coordinator: Tara Pavis
Sound Coordinator: Nick Allen

Food Services:
Refreshments: group effort
End-of-Year Banquet: vacant

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